About SNIP

SNIP (The Society for the Neutering of Islington’s Pussies) specialises in re-siting desperate feral and stray cats into stables and small holdings outside London.


Established over 25 years ago, the charity has evolved to help the cats that have no one else to help them – the ones that are forced to scavenge in rubbish for food, have dogs set on them and are poisoned by people who consider them pests. Without SNIP they are destined for miserable lives on the streets and often painful deaths.

Working in conjunction with other charities SNIP has developed a rescue and rehoming programme to give cats that can’t be placed domestically a chance of a safe life outside London.

The cats are neutered, vaccinated, health checked and chipped and then rehomed to stables and small holdings where they will be fed and kept an eye on but they can choose how much or how little human contact they have.

SNIP is a registered charity no. 299258

Interested? Call us now on 07342 784379, or send us a message via our web form at the side of the page – it’s that easy!