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New Year – New SNIP BLOG

Hi Everyone and welcome back to the SNIP blogspot. While the website has been neglected for a while, SNIP’s dedicated volunteers have been tirelessly working to help the cats and kittens of North London. Sadly the number of cats needing our help is increasing. More people are dumping their pets on the street when they […]

Cloudy & Shelley – looking for a home HOMED

Cloudy (a black and white male, seen here about to phone a friend) and Shelley (a tortie and white female) are a brother and sister pair 3 and a half years old. They have been in SNIP’s care for ages, as they are wary of strangers and won’t come out of hiding when anyone new comes to see […]

TOES – looking for a home

I have six digits on each of my big manly paws. The technical term is polydactyl, but you can call me Toes… A recently neutered and well house-trained boy, I was found as a stray, being fed by a lady on an estate. Don”t ask me my age … cos I don”t know! I have […]

Do feral kittens make good pets? – Cat World article

A survey tracked a group of rescued kittens for a year and came up with some surprising results Believe it or not, rescued feral kittens can actually turn out to be more loving and affectionate than your average rescued domestic moggie.Work emerging from the charity Cats Protection is showing that if feral kittens are socialised […]