It’s easy to make a donation to SNIP using our online giving page here:


By Post

To make an offline donation, please make out a cheque made payable to SNIP and post to:



Leave us a Gift in Your Will !

Leaving a gift to SNIP is a great way to guarantee that your support continues when you are no longer here to help in person. All charitable legacies are exempt from inheritance tax so every penny you leave to SNIP will actually reach us. If you don’t wish to make a new will, your solicitor can add a short codicil (or addition) to your existing will.


Help raise funds by usEbaying eBay

Friends and supporters of SNIP who use the online auction site eBay can now choose to donate a percentage of any sale to SNIP.

When creating a listing, you choose “Donate a percentage to charity”. From the drop down menu choose “Select a new charity” you will be then taken to a pop up window where you can select SNIP from an A to Z listing of charities.

You can then choose the percentage of the sale price you wish to donate to SNIP. Your listed items will be identified with a blue and yellow ribbon to signify you are supporting a charity and this may well attract more interest.

As well as helping our work through a donation, you can also gift aid it, further increasing what SNIP will receive. Your listing may also boost awareness of SNIP with a new audience!