Caring for your adopted SNIP feral cats.


The First Two Weeks

They will need to stay in their release pen for approximately 2 weeks. Please feed and clean them

out once or twice a day and ensure they are dry and comfortable and have fresh water daily. If you

experience any problems, or if the cats are fighting or appear distressed or ill, please ring us.

At the end of the period, feed them in the pen as usual but open the pen up, securing the door open

so it cannot swing and hurt them, so that they can start to come and go as they please. Early evening

is a good time to do this when things are quiet. Please make sure all dogs are shut away where

possible so the cats have a chance to find their safe areas. Continue to put food down by the release

pen twice a day and fresh water once a day. It is very likely that for a few weeks you will see no

sign of the cats. For the first few days they may not even eat the food. Please do not stop feeding

as they are very likely to be close by and will come back for food and water when it is quiet and

when they feel safe. Eventually they will show themselves to you, when they feel more comfortable

around you.



We recommend that you feed mostly wet food (pouches or tins) with a little good quality dry food

to keep their teeth clean (although ratting and mousing will also do that). Feeding dry biscuits only

leads to many health problems and should be avoided.


Please note that feral cats cannot survive on rats and mice alone, they do need to be fed. The better

fed they are, the more they chase the vermin and it is this that drives the vermin away, rather than

them being eaten!


Cats and Dogs

If there are dogs roaming freely, please release the cats at a time when the dogs are not around. The

cats will then have the chance to find places of safety they can run to when they feel under threat. It

can help if you develop a signal that there are dogs on the loose – a whistle or call when you let the

dogs off the lead will come to alert the cats to take cover!


Ongoing Care

When you adopt your feral cats they become your financial responsibility but feral cats rarely

run up vet bills the way domestic cats might as there is little that can be done for cats that cannot

be handled and become seriously sick or injured other than compassionate euthanasia. If your

cat becomes ill please do phone us to ask for advice as we may be able to arrange for the special

equipment to humanely trap cats that cannot be handled at no cost to yourself. We will always offer

what help and advice we can at no cost as we are grateful to you for offering our cats a chance at a

future they would otherwise have been denied.



This is a free service but any donation you might wish to make would be very much appreciated

and would be put towards helping other cats in the future. SNIP is run entirely by volunteers so all

monies are spent on animal welfare.


Many thanks for giving a London feral a home. Please let us know about your experiences and do

contact us for advice if your cat gets sick or injured or if you have any problems.