C4 Neutering Scheme

SNIP is a member of London Cat Care & Control Consortium (C4) which runs a neutering scheme available throughout the area within the M25 and parts of Hertfordshire. You are eligible for free neutering if you live within this area and:

a) You own the cat, and you receive:
      • State benefit
      • State pension
      • Council tax benefit or Housing benefit
b) You are a full time student
c) You are on a low household income
d) The cat is a stray which you have been feeding for at least 14 days

C4 Scheme FAQ’s

Can I get financial help with neutering a feral colony?
A number of charities can offer both financial and practical help with neutering of feral colonies providing their subsequent well-being is assured. Charities who can help are listed below.

What if I have a large group of cats that need neutering?
Many charities can help with practical assistance to help neuter groups of six or more cats in a household. The C4 scheme is not limited by numbers.

What if I don’t have a basket?
Please speak to one of the charities listed which may be able to help.

How is the scheme funded?
The C4 scheme is funded by seven charities all of which have a presence in the London area. The fund is managed centrally and we always welcome support and donations.

I live outside the catchment area. Can I get help?
The scheme is limited to the M25, any parts of the London Boroughs that extend outside and also certain parts of Hertfordshire. Please see our contacts page for details of help elsewhere in the UK.


For help locating your nearest veterinary practice participating in the C4 neutering scheme, please view the map page on this website or contact our hotline on:

03000 12 12 12
(Choose option 3 then option 1)
Calls are charged at local rate

Please note – veterinary practices querying the scheme or needing to order new voucher pads should follow the instructions on the voucher, or use the administrative email c4orders@hotmail.co.uk. This email is for veterinary practice use only.

Other help with cat neutering (including for owners living outside the catchment area and for help with feral cat colonies, and for dogs) is also available from the following animal charities:

Cats Protection (Cats Only) 03000 12 12 12
Dogs Trust (Dogs Only) 0207 837 0006
RSPCA (Cats and Dogs) 0300 1234 999
North & West London
The Mayhew Animal Home (Cats, including ferals, Rabbits and Dogs) 0208 969 0178
Central North London/Islington
SNIP (Cats only, including ferals) 0700 594 7647
South & South East London
Celia Hammond Animal Trust 0208 691 2100

For further information on the charities in the London Cat Care & Control Consortium, please visit their websites listed below.

Cats Protection www.cats.org.uk
RSPCA www.rspca.org.uk
The Mayhew Animal Home www.mayhewanimalhome.org
Cat Action Trust 1977 www.cat77.org.uk
SNIP www.snipcats.org
Animal Aid & Advice www.animalaidandadvice.org.uk