Cloudy & Shelley – looking for a home HOMED

Cloudy (a black and white male, seen here about to phone a friend) and Shelley (a tortie and white female) are a brother and sister pair 3 and a half years old.

They have been in SNIP’s care for ages, as they are wary of strangers and won’t come out of hiding when anyone new comes to see them!

Shelley will take about a week to settle in a new place and Cloudy a lot longer, but they are both very affectionate when they get to know you – and, as you can see below, very fond of each other.

They had to be reluctantly given up from their previous home as a new child was allergic to them. They have always been indoors, so could go to a large indoor home or a home with a garden.

If you have a fairly quiet home and are willing to take the time to get to know them this pair will make loving companions.