New Year – New SNIP BLOG

Hi Everyone and welcome back to the SNIP blogspot.

While the website has been neglected for a while, SNIP’s dedicated volunteers have been tirelessly working to help the cats and kittens of North London.

Sadly the number of cats needing our help is increasing. More people are dumping their pets on the street when they move or are evicted, we are getting more reports of teenagers setting their dogs on cats and more people are giving up their pets than ever before (a quick sample of reasons include leaving the country, moving to a new rented property where the landlord won’t accept animals, their kids keep hitting their cat or they are bored with their old cat).

Despite the best efforts of the free neutering scheme (7,000 cats are neutered every year across London) unwanted litters or kittens are being born and feline Aids continues to be a big problem.

All this means SNIP needs all the help you can give. Hopefully this website will now be regularly updated with stories from the work volunteers are doing, cats in need of homes and fundraising events to rally round.

SNIP is an important part of welfare work in North London so please give all the help you can.